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Another Nobody talking about herself online
I hope to one day resemble the picture on my dating profile.Via someecards

I hope to one day resemble the picture on my dating profile.

Via someecards

Ya know when you need to fart, but you’re at work, so you fart the whole way home instead? Today was one of those days.Via someecards

Ya know when you need to fart, but you’re at work, so you fart the whole way home instead? Today was one of those days.

Via someecards

I Forget How To Blog and What to Post

Hey there all my faithful readers— Jenny, Justin T.

It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged. I don’t know how I used to do it all the time. Yes I do, I over shared without any concept of appropriateness or long-term consequences. I also grossly overestimated my own interestingness.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to starting a new job soon, as an autism intervention therapist. I am over the moon to be starting this job, and it’s exactly where I want to be in my life right now. I can’t wait to get started.

Here were my dad and my aunt’s reactions:

"That’s okay, you’ll get a better job soon." -Dad

"Are you sure about that? You’ll be terrible at it." - Aunt

Why I Hate People 1

I’ve been sort of considering what I want to do with this blog. I think one thing I’d like to explore is the origin of my hatred for humanity. Like a “that’s why I hate people” blog.

This article expresses my hatred for people, but if you don’t want to read the whole thing, the title “Woman Sues School After Roommate Has Too Much Sex” sums it up.

This story just all around illustrates my hatred for humanity, but please don’t be confused and think it’s the promiscuous roommate I despise. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she’s awful, but she’s fodder for another post.)

What irritates me about the girl who filed the law suit is that she felt entitled to a better college experience than what she got, and I’m not sure why.

Who guaranteed her that her roommate wasn’t going to be some sex crazed nympho? 

The deal going into college is this:

You’re going to live in a little room with a total stranger who might be your best friend or who might be a totally psychotic exhibitionist,  we really don’t know. It’s random.

So how did this not live up to her expectations?

Move, don’t move, talk to your roommate, join in, whatever… nobody cares, don’t waste a lot of people’s time and money whining about having one inane, negative experience. It’s nobody’s problem but your own. And I’m sure much worse things will happen to you in your life, lady.

Of course this would happen in Massachusetts. Litigious northeasterners always think they have something coming to them.

I hate everything almost as much as I hate myself.Via someecards

I didn’t write this one, but I understood the sentiment.

I hate everything almost as much as I hate myself.

Via someecards

I didn’t write this one, but I understood the sentiment.

How Insurance Works

I’ve noticed that people— educated people who know stuff about stuff—really have no concept of how insurance companies make money, so prepare for a very cynical, but accurate explanation. 

People think of insurance as a big pool of money. Everyone puts money in and the people who need it, use it, and the company keeps the rest, but that is only part of it.

Insurance companies make money by price fixing. They decide the prices they are willing to pay for procedures, tests and office visits. By contracting with them, doctors and hospitals agree to accept their payment schedule.

If you have a high deductible policy, the doctor’s office sends the bill to the insurance company. The insurance company sends back a statement that basically says:

“You sent us a bill for $900. We’re not going to pay anything, but you’re allowed to charge the patient $175.”

What the doctor’s office bills you is what the insurance company tells them to bill you. You’re essentially paying for a discount at the doctor’s office.

If you have a high deductible policy the insurance companies will rarely pay for anything. (High deductible policies can be advantageous insofar as they prevent you from bankruptcy in the event that you have to go to the hospital or have major surgery, because they limit what you can be charged.)

Big insurance companies take advantage of their size and influence to drive down the prices considerably. Doctors and hospitals can’t to refuse to contract with them because they’d have no business, so they try to make up for profits elsewhere.

The problem with the price fixing, is that it shifts the financial burden of the health care industry to people too poor to afford insurance. Take that the working poor! It’s called freedom!

So insurance companies take your money, pay the doctors what they want to pay, and make off like bandits, pushing all their losses on doctors and the uninsured. In the middle of last year, one insurance company started paying us less on tests, below the agreed upon amounts. Normally when one business does something like this to another business, they sue each other, but doctors are a fractured bunch. They’re small business owners, and the insurance companies are big business.

Medicine is also a highly regulated and expensive business to run. You have to process a lot of paperwork, to be HIPPA compliant, and to pay for liability insurance. The days of the solo-practice physician will come to end.

I hope this post clarifies some misconceptions about how insurance works. I don’t have any particular ideas on how to fix the problems, I just like pointing out horrible truths about society.

My Guide To Achieving Balance

Today was a good, productive day, and because I’m a very anal and systematic thinker, I’ve decided to categorize my progress so that I can replicate it later. (Is the transition to adulthood supposed to feel like I’m becoming a machine? Yes? Just checking.)

I must do something under each category:

1. WORK: 

This includes: actually going to work, or planning for the future such as: looking at job postings, applying to jobs, writing lesson plans or doing something to contribute to my professional development.


This includes: visiting parents, grandparents, friends or talking on the phone.


This includes: laundry, dishes, taking out the trash, vacuuming or running errands such as: the bank, the pharmacy or the grocery store.


This includes: homework, listening to NPR podcasts, reading The New Yorker, reading anything else, watching documentaries, etc, anything that makes me learn or think.


This includes: exercising, going on walks, deep cleaning my teeth, doing my nails, ironing my hair and facial treatments.


This should include journaling and writing, but will more likely include writing e-cards and facebook status updates.

I hope writing this provides some motivation.

I plan to write a future post about how inspiring I find Kate Middleton.